Location in the Georgia Strait at N48 65.6, W123 40.1

Thetis Island Marina is nestled against the eastern shore of Thetis Island, in Telegraph Harbour.

A quick look at google maps (link below) will show our position in relation to the rest of the Pacific Northwest, and help with orientation for planning on how to get here.

As you enter the Harbour, you will pass the BC Ferries dock for Penelakut Island to your starboard. Continue, and on your port side you will find the docks for Thetis Island Marina. The large sign is over the fuel dock where you will be welcomed and directed to a spot.

Telegraph Harbour is a safe haven, with the entry best made in the centre of the channel. The channel is centered about two thirds of the way to Penelakut Island (on your starboard as you proceed into the harbour). The bottom is uniform and flat, with predominately sand and mud. For transit past Thetis Island Marina, the channel is to starboard of the outermost sets of pilings.

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