Chemainus Regional Sites

The Chemainus area has a number of attractions and services for boaters The town of Chemainus is a short 25 minute ferry ride from Thetis. It takes about 10 minutes on foot from the marina to the ferry dock, and there is no ticket required from Thetis. You pay for the round-trip in Chemainus when you are ready to return. The ticket booth is clearly marked, and they accept some credit cards as well as cash, but not debit cards. If there are 5 of you, ask for a book of tickets, and enjoy a substantial saving over the regular cash fare.

The golf course at Mount Brenton is a favorite for a bit of exercise. Call ahead 246-246-9322 for tee times. If you have your own clubs, then a taxi is best for the short trip to the course. Saltair Taxi 252-0905, will meet you at the ferry and take you to the clubhouse. There is food available at the clubhouse as well.

Chemainus has a well-established theatre that has a constantly changing series of plays. This is not a movie theatre, but a playhouse, and there are dinner-plays for evenings as well as matinees earlier in the day. For the evening performances, be aware of the ferry times for the return run to Thetis.

Commercial services in Chemainus include a bank (CIBC) and credit union (Island Savings), both with ATM facilities. Normal operating hours are Monday to Friday, 9:30 to 3pm. Slightly later on Fridays. At other times there is the bank machine for withdrawals and bill payments. Both are located on the main street of Chemainus, along with a grocery store, and a number of convenience-type stores with a variety of ice cream, muffins etc.

There is an electronics store with repair facility just up from the ferry landing in the second block. Most of your electronics issues can be handled here. There is a bakery about two blocks straight up from the ferry landing, where you can get a selection of baked goods.

For medical issues, there is a medical clinic one block up to the right just past the 49th Parallel grocery. There are x-ray facilities across from the clinic. There is a pharmacy under the clinic as well as a Rexall drugstore on the main street of Chemainus “in town”, beside the bank, where prescriptions can be filled. For dental emergencies or problems, the dental clinic is in the second block up from the ferry. Emergencies are treated with priority.

For fishing licenses, fishing tackle, groceries and lots of other sundries like magazines etc, the 49th Parallel grocery right at the ferry landing has a comprehensive supply.

There are 3 ladies' hair salons in Chemainus.  Best to call for an appointment.
Hair Shoppe- on the main street 246-4641
Shear Impressions - just a couple of blocks from the Ferry terminal - 246-2141
Urban Legends Spa - across from the theatre - 416-0418

For Men :
Trout's Barber Shop - just a couple of blocks from the Ferry Terminal - 246-7443

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