Electronic Services:
wireless connection for email, fax, and payphones


  • We have a WI-FI network that covers the entire marina area so you can check your email, get connected and stay in touch. It is available at no charge to moorage guests, who can obtain a log-in code from the fuel dock or the pub.

Due to our location, this system has bandwidth limitations, so access is restricted to moorage guests and essential services use. We ask that guests refrain from downloading large files (video). The system will impose automatic speed throttling on large bandwidth users.


  • We have installed a high power directional antenna, signal booster and multi-user re-radiator for cellular use. This system covers the pub and outside deck area. It does not extend to the docks. This is available for use by anyone; just come to the pub/deck and you can use your phone to make those important calls or just chat.

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Office Services

  • Should you be in need of emergency office facilities, such as sending or receiving a fax, or copying an important document, we can provide this service to our guests on a per-page-cost basis. Please advise us prior to having a fax sent to our machine. To reduce wasted paper, ink and spam, we do NOT leave it always ON. It is selectively turned on for specific tasks only. Please ask pub staff for assistance.


  • There are several options available to you; there is a pay phone available on the fuel dock; there is cellular service from the pub area; there is a pay phone at the top of the hill at the ferry terminal. There are several wall plugs in the pub that can be used to charge your phone; just ask staff for assistance.
  • We have telephone numbers for services such as seaplanes. If you don’t see it displayed somewhere, ask in the pub. To contact people locally, there is a small Thetis Island telephone directory available through the store. The directory also includes a map of Thetis Island, a list of all lots and the names of the owners, along with business listings.


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