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On site grill and pavillion area

On the grounds we have a large barbecue centre with several grills which can be rented by groups. We also have smaller barbecues available at no charge for small numbers. We normally stock charcoal in our convenience store, but it is always a good idea to call ahead and ensure it will be there for you. 250-246-3464, or via email.

The outdoor area has a large 20 by 40 foot covered pavilion area with long tables and benches to accommodate group gatherings, or as a spot to picnic, or sit and read and enjoy a pleasant day. If you don’t have something to read, we have a small pocket book exchange in our store, and we also sell daily newspapers from the pub and the store. We keep a collection of various periodicals and magazines for the reading enjoyment of our pub patrons; we just ask they not be removed, but read on premises, and left for the next person to also enjoy.

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Around the Island and area

Most boaters are looking forward to a walk to stretch the legs, and Thetis has a very nice quiet, safe road network to do just that. There is little traffic, and everyone is aware of foot traffic, and slows accordingly. Wave, and you will get a return wave. People here are friendly, and used to offering a wave to anyone as a sign they are welcome on our island.

If you wish to go a bit further afield, head to Chemainus on BC Ferries. The ferry dock is a nice 10 minute stroll from the marina, and you just walk on. There is no ticket booth on Thetis; you buy a ticket in Chemainus and use it for the return trip. The ferry runs quite often, and is easy to use. Remember the times shown are departure times, not arrival times. The trip to Chemainus takes about 25 minutes. Longer if you catch a run that goes via Penelakut Island.

Penelakut Island is a First Nations Reserve, home to the Penelakut Band. There are no commercial facilities on Penelakut, and the normal convention is to be invited before going there. Many of the residents of Penelakut Island visit Thetis regularly, and there are a group of talented carvers who are at the Saturday market in the summer, selling traditional native art. A genuine native carving makes a great gift or memento of your trip to the Gulf Islands.


The area around Thetis is one of the best anywhere for kayakers. There are birds and sea life in abundance, the area is safe, the waters are protected, and there are countless spots to enjoy along the coasts of the many islands. It is wise to check for private property before venturing ashore, as some islands are homes, and not open to public access. Ask a local here, and they can brief you on which islands are private. If you wish to rent a kayak, there are places nearby. Seaward, on the highway near Chemainus, manufactures kayaks, and often offers them to rent as well. There is another manufacturer/renter in Ladysmith as well. It is often possible to have a kayak delivered to Thetis for your use for a small additional charge.

Scuba Diving

Diving is a popular and exciting pastime in the vicinity, and there are several divemasters who can organize and conduct an expedition for you. . A dive tour wouldn’t be complete without a picture in the cockpit of the Boeing 737 that rests on the ocean floor near here and is for just this purpose.

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