Restaurant Food Menu

Our kitchen prepares some of the best food to be found anywhere, not just in the Gulf Islands area. We believe food is one of the great pleasures enjoyed by everyone, and especially boaters, so we strive to excel at the creation of great meals to compliment a wonderful day on the water, and to provide those meals at realistic and affordable prices.

We have daily food specials to tempt your palate throughout the summer months. We also have a regular menu including perennial favorites like our world-class fish and chips made with your choice of ling cod or halibut. Our fish is available grilled, or battered in the traditional manner. We cut our own French fries from fresh potatoes for each order, as the order is placed. Our customers regularly and enthusiastically confirm we have the best fries.
Our burgers are individually hand-made, and truly delicious. The beef burger has a huge 5.5 ounces of ground pure beef, cooked on a char broiler for maximum flavour, served on a portugese bun, garnished with all the trimmings you want. You can add swiss or cheddar, mushrooms, bacon, or even jalapenos, to suit your taste. You can also substitute a delicious lamb or veggie option, or perhaps a grilled fish filet for the different taste experiences. It is one big juicy, tasty burger.

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