Around Thetis Island

Thetis is quiet, rural and friendly. Cast aside those urban habits, slow down, smile often, and wave at people. Here we are used to waving at cars, offering “good morning” greetings to strangers, and welcoming everyone to our special piece of paradise, hidden in the islands, so close, yet so far from the big cities. We love it, and we know you will too.

Take the time to stop and ask questions, or just chat.
You can even find roses to pause and smell.

The roads of Thetis are safe and peaceful for your morning stroll after coffee, or an afternoon leg-stretcher. Local people often congregate at the community dock, which is near the BC Ferries dock on the west side of Thetis, about 5 minutes walk from the marina, just to pass the time of day. Just beyond the ferry landing there is a path to the beach in front of Capernwray Bible school, giving access to a long stretch of beach to stroll and explore. Please respect the uplands, as they are privately owned.

Many boaters bring bicycles, and the roads of Thetis provide ample opportunities for those of all skills and ambitions: from flats and gentle slopes to steep hills, there is something for everyone on a bike.

Beyond the BC Ferries dock to the north, the road splits, with North Cove Road going to the left. Less than a kilometer up the road you will find the Thetis Island Community center, with play areas and a small library. Check the door for opening times. Ask at the pub or store for directions to the cemetery, where there are headstones of some of the original settlers from more than a century ago.

As you walk or ride around Thetis, keep your eyes open, as wildlife abounds. We have numerous deer that will often walk right before you across the road, or just graze alongside, paying you little attention. There are also eagles, owls and other birds in abundance. The best time to see eagles is in April and May, when they gather, and can be seen right in front of the marina on the Penelakut Island shore fishing, and teaching their young hunting skills. It isn't unusual to see upwards of thirty or more lining the shore and in the crags of large trees on both shores. They fly over the deck low enough you can see the colour of their eyes very clearly, making you wonder if they are sizing you up as they go.

The pub and the store have a small local visitors guide you are welcome to take, which will show you the island, a road map, and a list of the various sights and services. It makes a great starting point to a day of exploration and relaxation on Thetis.

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