Moorage & Fuel


The Dock

The marina has over 3000 feet of docks, made up of long fingers, each joined in the middle to the main access dock to the shore. The fuel dock is located at the seaward, or outermost end of this central dock, and this is where you will find dock attendants, vessel registration, gasoline, diesel, oils, water etc. A diagram of the dock layout can be found in most up-to-date cruising publications such as The Waggoner, Docks and Destinations etc. If you have internet access, a general orientation can be obtained through Google Earth satellite imagery.

When mooring with us:

Moor with Consideration

We only have so much dock space. Please make sure you tuck up close to the boat in front of you.

Skipper a Step

Skippers should move their vessels up close astern of the vessel ahead on arrival, as it saves a move later.

Have your Lines Ready

A mid-ship line is often the most effective for the dock attendant to receive first.

No Engine Input

It is normally safest and most efficient if engine inputs are ceased once a line is ashore.

Marina & Harbour

The docks at Thetis Island Marina are oriented in a general north-south direction, to take advantage of the prevailing winds. Most often the wind is from the south, but for perhaps 20 % of the time we will get a north wind.

Neither wind direction is likely to create any substantial swell, as the harbour is very well protected, but often the north wind will blow a bit stronger due to an acceleration effect from the local hill to the north. There is a short fetch when wind comes from the north, so even with significant breeze, there is little or no wave action.

Marina & Harbour cont.

The bottom of Telegraph Harbour is predominantly sand and mud, with few obstacles or rocks. There is a relatively flat bottom throughout much of the harbour, with little difference in depth up to the marina. Each year there can be some local shoaling due to shifting sands in the harbour, particularly to the north of the marina.

The dock attendants will provide you with guidance and local knowledge to ensure safe entry and exit, and will take your vessel’s draft into account when assigning a moorage spot. In general, smaller boats will be inside, nearest the shore, while the outside docks are reserved for larger vessels. It is always prudent, as skipper, to keep a watchful eye on depth, but bear in mind the last survey of Telegraph Harbour was over 40 years ago, so soundings on your charts likely do not reflect current conditions.

Plan Your Approach

While enroute, or before departure, check the state of the tide for your anticipated time of arrival.

Dock facilities

There is 15 and 30 amp shore power on certain docks, and 15 amp only on others. We use mid-grade marked marine gasoline, marked marine diesel fuel, and a variety of engine oils for gas and diesel engines,  and outboard oil. The fuel dock can accept most debit and credit cards as well as cash.


Water for boats is only available at the fuel dock from the dock attendant.

  • In general, water is scarce throughout all the Gulf Islands, since there are no municipal services, and each marina has to provide it’s own sources of water. We make our water with a reverse osmosis desalinator, because, although this is expensive to do, it ensures we have high quality water for our marina.
  • There are restrictions for water use and distribution, due to cost and limitation of making our water.
  • On the dock, we have water for potable use, for our moorage guests ONLY .
  • We are unable to provide water to those not using our facility as moorage guests.
  • Misuses of potable water are prohibited by local Islands Trust bylaw, so there is no boat washing, fish cleaning etc. permitted.
  • We encourage boaters to fill water tanks at mainland facilities or plan a quick stop at those places with municipal services whenever possible, prior to coming to the islands. We do not have the production capacity to fill vessels with large water tanks. We will, however, provide adequate amounts to ensure none of our guests are without water.
Locating our Tidal Chart

The tidal reference port in the Canadian Hydrographic tide tables is Fulford Harbour, on Saltspring Island. Most electronic versions of the tide tables give you alternative reference ports, with the closest being Preedy Harbour, which is just to the west of Telegraph Harbour.

Shore Facilities for Boats

We have a propane tank refilling station ashore, located in the pub parking lot, along with the trash containers. Behind the pub building, we have a commercial double-load capacity washing machine and gas dryer for laundry, as well as showers and separate toilet/sink facilities. Laundry and showers are coin-operated. Change is available from the pub or store.

For those with their own cellular phones, there is a cell phone antenna and booster in the pub that will cover the pub and outside deck area, but not the docks. Our WI-FI has several nodes to cover the entire marina area, and is available at no cost to moorage guests. Access codes are available from the dock attendant or in the pub.

There is an ATM cash machine located in the liquor store, which accepts bank-cards with the INTERAC logo, but doesn’t currently accept credit cards.

The liquor store is located at the north end of the pub. It is a separate facility, and all beverages containing alcohol are only sold from the liquor store, including beers, wines etc.

The convenience store is located behind the liquor store and includes the Post Office.

VHF Channel Details

As with most marinas in the Pacific Northwest, we monitor VHF channel 66a. Voice callsign is “Thetis Island Marina”.

This is a recommended “low power” frequency for marinas, so calling at great distances for a slip assignment may not get a response right away. It is better to call as you enter Telegraph Harbour, and we can then give you the information you need to be able to deploy fenders and dock-lines on the appropriate side of your vessel in adequate time.


What They Say

"New ownership at the marina...awesome staff. Great food (try the crab poppers) with a beautiful patio and equally positive atmosphere inside. Clean and reasonable prices. The marina gas prices are fair. It has a well stocked liquor store and a new and improved store and post office. The marina hosts a market on Saturdays in the summer and often has live music/jam nights. Showers and moorage available.... many great improvements. Now if they can just add a swing set or slide near the 'horseshoe'/ outdoor picnic area with table service there...I might never leave!"

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